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Nachhaltigkeitssiegel im Finanzmarkt

Ethibel Pioneer and Excellence for Investment Funds

What stands behind the label?

The label Ethibel Pioneer, based in Belgium, has been awarding ratings for funds since 1991. In addition to awarding two quality labels (Pioneer and Excellence), Ethibel advises companies, institutions and governments on sustainable investment, conducts social audits and is dedicated to research and data collection for sustainability reports.

The Excellence label differs from Pioneer in the way that it is awarded to companies with above-average CSR in their sector.

What are the key points of the label?
Key points
Disclosure of the sustainability criteria for the award of the label

On the website it is roughly described that the bonds and shares included in the fund must be included in the Forum Ethibel Register and have received at least the score A or B. The data provider “Vigeo Eiris” is used for the ratings.

Key points
Independence of the organization awarding the label

Ethibel is a Belgian consulting company. It also acts as an external auditor to verify the sustainability of the practices of other institutions, countries and companies.

Key points
Multiple-step process when the label is awarded by a number of parties

The rating is prepared based on data from the data provider by the members of the Rating Committee. In addition, on-site audits are carried out.

Which financial products are evaluated with it?

Funds are awarded with the label. The user must register and log in to the registry to gain insight. Click on the button to go to the Ethibel website for registration.

Source: Forum Ethibel