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Good to know


Who we are

Consileon is a medium-sized management and IT consultancy with many years of expertise in various projects in the field of sustainable finance. However, we are not financial advisors and do not want to become one.


We want to enable our customers to be part of the journey the financial industry is on. We want to help (extra)ordinary people to be able to form their own opinions. We want to support this with lightweight solutions.


We believe that knowledge is a safeguard to prevent greenwashing and to build and strengthen trust in the financial markets. Therefore, we would like to contribute to green finance and sustainable investment, as these are eminently important indicators to ensure a sound ground for future generations.

Why Consileon?

Consileon offers us a platform, a team and the network to think our ideas further with the goal of building a center of excellence around sustainable finance. At Consileon we have met like-minded people - ambitious and future-oriented people who share our values.

Our Approach

On Pure Labels we highlight sustainability labels for financial products. These labels are designed to give investors guidance and insight into the world of sustainable financial products. 

 The labels are all issued by reputable institutions, but we want to shed some light to give you all the facts you need to make your own decision for a sustainable investment.

The information on the labels is an unbiased representation based on transparency. We do not see ourselves as investment advisors and will not try to tell you who is “good” and who is “bad”. Rather, our website is intended to serve as a transparent representation of the market, as today’s world is too complex to be divided only into “black” or “white”. 


Our aim is to reduce complexity by breaking down the labels to three general attributes.
  • Disclosure of the sustainability criteria for awarding the label
  • Independence of the organisation awarding the label
  • Multi-stage process when the label is awarded by multiple parties
Our displayed information is based on publicly available information provided by the labels themselves. Based on these criteria, we would like to enable you to form your own opinion and decide which label is best suited for your investment purposes.


Why were these three criteria selected and no others?

With Pure Labels, we try to provide responsible investors with a tool to help them navigate the vast selection of sustainable financial products, while also taking into account the diversity of labels on the market. We believe that our users do not have the time or capacity to scroll through 20 criteria for each individual label, so we wanted to break the overview down to three general attributes that can be applied to all labels on the market. Based on our research into the ethical requirements of investors, we decided to create three attributes that can meet the expectations of transparency, independence and impartiality. While these three core values are certainly endorsed by any sustainable investor, issuer or financial institution, they are not easy to understand. For this reason, we have tried to define the attributes using three objective facts to get to the heart of the labels and describe them in an easily understandable way:
  1. Transparency = Has the label publicly disclosed information about the process / methodology / criteria used to award a sustainable financial product? How detailed is this information on the internet? Is this information easy to find for the curious user? Is the process explained in an understandable way? Is there sufficient description of how sustainable financial products are selected?
  2. Independence = How independent is the awarding body? Are there interest groups involved that could potentially lead to a conflict of interest? Does the awarding institution rely on profit? ?
  3. Impartiality = Does the process/methodology/criteria involve a variety of representatives from different interest groups? Are sustainable financial products reviewed in more than one step before being awarded the label? Are neutral consultants involved in the review? Are internal or external consultants involved who could have a conflict of interest in the assessment?

Are all existing labels listed?

We strive to provide 100% coverage of all existing labels for sustainable financial products. The information on this website has been conscientiously researched but does not claim to be complete or up-to-date.

My label is not listed here - what can I do?

If you know of a label for sustainable financial products or work for an institution that awards sustainable financial products and you would like your label to be listed in Pure Labels, please contact us at: purelabels@consileon.de


Our editorial offer is intended to serve as a basis for information but does not constitute financial advice in any form. Our offer does not claim to be up-to-date or complete on a daily basis.