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Nachhaltigkeitssiegel im Finanzmarkt

ECOreporter label

What stands behind the label?

Started in 1999, the ECOreporter from Dortmund has since been exclusively concerned with sustainable investment. The label is only awarded to sustainable financial products that come from providers whose products are sustainable. A single sustainable financial product in an otherwise conventional product family cannot be awarded the ECOreporter label.

Furthermore, only those who demonstrate sustainability in their core business in a holistic manner can receive an award. The ECOreporter label can be awarded in three categories: For banks (Sustainable Bank), financial products (Sustainable Financial Products), and institutional investors (Sustainable Institutional Investors).

What are the key points of the label?
Key points
Disclosure of the sustainability criteria for the award of the label

Minimum standards for the sustainability of the core business per category are defined and clearly communicated. Audit procedures are also described transparently.

Key points
Independence of the organization awarding the label

There are no shareholdings by or in ECOreporter. The main source of income is readers’ subscriptions to the ECOreporter.de website and is independent of financial providers. ECOreporter does not engage in affiliate advertising.

Key points
Multiple-step process when the label is awarded by a number of parties

The Dortmunder Institut für nachhaltiges, ethisches Finanzwesen e.V accompanies the awarding of the label.

Which financial products are evaluated with it?

The label is awarded in three categories: for the sustainable bank category, for the sustainable financial product category or for the institutional investor category. In 2022, around 30 financial products have been awarded the label. Click on the button to go to the ECOreporter website and discover the financial products awarded with the label.

Source: ECOreporter GmbH