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CIES label for employee savings funds

What stands behind the label?
The label (Comité Intersyndical de l’Éparge Salariale) was founded in 2002 by FDT, CFTC, CFE-CGC and CGT as a committee. The label is awarded to employee savings plans and funds with a focus on France, which must meet social and environmental requirements.
These requirements primarily relate to the treatment of employees and environmental activities of the companies involved. The label is limited in time and can be extended to four years. Receipt is not linked to any payment, and trade union organizations that are members of the CIES are not remunerated.
What are the key points of the label?
Key points
Disclosure of the sustainability criteria for the award of the label
It is possible to access the criteria and specifications on the website and view them. The methodology includes mainly positive criteria. However, the site is designed exclusively for France.
Key points
Independence of the organization awarding the label
A committee, which meets twice a year, oversees decisions about the label and also awards it. The eight members of the committee are made up of representatives of the founding members.
Key points
Multiple-step process when the label is awarded by a number of parties
The process foresees the committee to award the label. The committee can also revoke the right to use the label.
Which financial products are evaluated with it?

In 2024, the label was awarded to over 89 funds from nine different management companies. The assets under management amount to total of more than €32.1 billion in December 2023.

Source: le Comité intersyndical de l’épargne salariale (CIES)